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Hunter Teddy Bear


#1- Rifle Hunter Teddy


#1A- Girl Rifle Hunter Teddy

#2- Bow Hunter Teddy

#3- Bow & Rifle Hunter Teddy


Working Mini Compass

Plastic Toy Hunting Knife

Winchester Style Toy Rifle

Lever action really works.

Option #1-  Boy/Girl Rifle Hunter Teddy Bear- $99.95

Need a unique gift for a special someone? Well this cute cuddly Hunting Teddy Bear makes an ideal gift for someone who likes hunting.

Available in 3 different options.  #1- Rifle Hunter Teddy Bear, #2- Bow Hunter Teddy Bear, #3- Bow and Rifle Hunter Teddy Bear. 

All of our  Our Hunter Teddy Bears come with a  greenish/brownish camo outfit. Hunter Teddy Bear comes with hunting boots,  stand, rifle or bow, hunting plastic hunting knife,  compass, and choice of Hunter Teddy Bear Gift Message Card. NOTE: (The compass shown in the picture above is no longer available but a working Teddy Bear Compass is included).

Hunter Teddy Bear is about 14" tall and is available in either Boy Hunter Teddy Bear shown above or Girl Hunter Teddy Bear shown below.


                      Option #2- Bow Hunter Teddy Bear
Bow Hunter Teddy Bear comes complete with what you see in the picture- camo hunting outfit including hat, Bow, compass that really works, hunting boots, plastic hunting knife, backpack, teddy bear stand, and "Greatest Hunter Hunting License" gift ID card shown below. Available in Girl Bow Hunter Teddy Bear also.

Bow Hunter Teddy- $99.95
Plus FREE Shipping


Option #3- Bow & Rifle Hunter Teddy Bear
(available in Girl Hunter Teddy also)

He/She comes complete with what you see in the pictures- camo hunting outfit, a realistic, durable toy 30-30 Winchester style rifle (lever action really works), Plastic Bow, compass that really works, brown hunting boots, plastic hunting knife, teddy bear stand. Also a "Greatest Hunter Hunting License" gift ID card shown below.

Hunter Teddy Bears - $99.95

Plus FREE Shipping
 (We ship to Continental US only...all orders are shipped priority mail)


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Also included is a "World's Greatest Hockey Player" Gift Message Card. Actual card is approx. 4" X 5".

If you would like this included with your order just type the To, From, and message information in the appropriate boxes above so we can complete the gift card for you. The message on these cards must be kept as brief as possible.

#2  Greatest Hunter Teddy Hunting License


#3  My First Deer Gift Card


#4  My First Deer Girl Gift Card




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